TDS Return Filing

TDS return filing services involve assisting individuals and businesses in the accurate and timely submission of TDS returns to the income tax department. These services include collecting relevant data, preparing TDS returns in the prescribed format, validating the information, and filing the returns electronically through designated portals. Professional TDS return filing services ensure compliance with TDS regulations, adhere to filing due dates, and minimize the risk of penalties or interest charges.

TDS filing can be done online however, it is important to adhere to the due dates for TDS payment, return filing, and issuance of TDS certificates to avoid penalties and interest charges. Seeking professional guidance from Sadique and Ameen Associates can assist in the accurate and timely filing of your TDS.

We offer expertise in handling complex scenarios, reconciling TDS data, generating TDS certificates, and resolving any issues or discrepancies that may arise during the process.

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    TDS Filing Requirements:

    Obtain a TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) from the income tax department.

    Deduct TDS from payments as per prescribed rates and thresholds.

    Generate and pay TDS challan within specified due dates.

    Prepare TDS returns with accurate information on deductees, TDS amounts, etc.

    File TDS returns electronically through designated portals.

    Issue TDS certificates (Form 16, Form 16A, etc.) to deductees within prescribed timelines.

    Adhere to due dates for TDS payment, return filing, and TDS certificate issuance.

    Ensure compliance with TDS regulations and maintain proper records for future reference.

    Revised TDS return

    In situations where errors or discrepancies are identified in the TDS returns, such as incorrect challan details or missing or incorrect PAN information, it is important to rectify the issue to ensure proper crediting of the tax amount with the government and accurate reflection in Form 16A/Form 26AS. This can be achieved by filing a revised TDS return. By submitting the revised return, the necessary corrections can be made to rectify the errors and ensure that the updated and accurate information is reflected in the relevant forms. Filing a revised TDS return helps maintain accuracy and compliance in TDS reporting, ensuring that the tax-related information is appropriately reflected for the deductor and deductees.