Digital Signature application and renewal

A digital signature constitutes an electronic form of authentication employed to verify the identity of the communicator or the authority endorsing a document. It guarantees the genuineness and originality of the communication or document content. Digital signatures maintain their integrity throughout the communication or documentation process, are easily transferable, and are impervious to imitation by unauthorized parties. Additionally, a digital signature ensures that the sender cannot disavow the content transmitted through the signed document.

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    Digital Signature Certificate

    A digital signature certificate serves as the electronic counterpart to tangible certificates like a driving license, PAN Card, passport, etc. These certificates serve as evidence of an individual’s identity for a specific purpose. For instance, a passport establishes a citizen’s identity in relation to their nationality, enabling legal travel to various countries upon permission. Similarly, a digital certificate is employed in the electronic realm to verify a person’s identity, facilitating access to information or services through the internet or other electronic platforms, as well as digitally signing documents.

    Acquiring a Digital Signature Certificate

    Only the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), a Government of India licensed Certifying Authority (CA), can legally issue validated Signature Certificates based on the specific needs of individuals and organizations.

    Uses of Digital Signature

    Sending and receiving encrypted emails that are digitally signed and secure
    Conducting secure online transactions
    Identifying participants in an online transaction
    Applying for tenders, efiling with the Registrar of Companies (MCA), efiling income tax returns, and other pertinent applications
    Signing and validating document formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF

    Prerequisites for Digital Signature Certificate Application

    1. Fill out the DSC Application form, available for online submission and personal details verification by the certifying authority.
    2. Provide Photo ID proof.
    Submit Address proof.
    Access the Certifying Authority’s website to log in and complete the Application form.

    Steps to Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate:

    STEP 1: Log on and Select Your Entity Type

    • Visit the website of a Certifying Authority authorized to issue Digital Certificates in India.
    • Navigate to the ‘Digital Certification Services’ section.
    • Choose the entity type for which you seek the DSC (individual or organization).

    STEP 2: Fill in Necessary Details

    • Download the DSC Registration Form for the selected entity type.
    • Complete the form with the following details:
    • Class of the DSC.
    • Validity.
    • Type: Only Sign or Sign & Encrypt.
    • Applicant Name & Contact Details.
    • Residential Address.
    • GST Number & Identity Details of Proof Documents.
    • Declaration.
    • Document as proof of identity.
    • Document as proof of address.
    • Attestation Officer.
    • Payment Details.
    • Affix your photograph, sign the declaration, and ensure form completion.
    • Print and retain the completed form.

    STEP 3: Proof of Identity and Address

    • Attest supporting documents for proof of identity and address by an attesting officer.
    • Verify clarity of the attesting officer’s sign and seal on the supporting proof documents.

    STEP 4: Payment for DSC

    • Obtain a demand draft or cheque for DSC application payment, payable to the Local Registration Authority (LRA).
    • Locate the details of the LRA based on your city of residence through online Certifying Authority searches.

    STEP 5: Post the Required Documents

    • Place the following in an envelope:
    • Completed DSC Registration Form.
    • Supporting documents for proof of identity and address attested by the officer.
    • Demand Draft/Cheque for payment./li>
    • Address the envelope to the Local Registration Authority (LRA) and mail it to the designated LRA address for processing.

    By following these steps, including form completion, document submission, and payment, you successfully complete the application process for your Digital Signature Certificate.

    Validity for the Digital Signature Certificate

    Certifying Authorities have the authorization to issue certificates with a validity period of 1 or 2 years, contingent on the class of DSC being acquired. It is imperative for the certificate holder to be mindful of its validity to prevent any potential business losses.

    Digital signature renewal in India

    Renewing digital signatures is crucial to uphold the authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation of transmitted digital data. In accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, digital signatures in India must undergo periodic renewal to ensure their continued validity and legal acceptance. This article delves into the procedures and prerequisites involved in the renewal of digital signatures in India.

    Significance of Digital Signature Renewal:

    Digital signatures possess a finite validity period to safeguard their security and legal standing. The duration of a digital signature’s validity is contingent upon the type of certificate issued, such as Class 2, Class 3, or Class 4 certificates. Generally, these certificates are valid for a period ranging from one to three years. Upon expiration of the validity period, the digital signature loses its validity, necessitating the renewal process.

    Initiating the Renewal Process

    Renewing digital signatures in India involves the subsequent steps:

    Evaluation of Renewal Necessity:

    As the expiration date of a digital signature draws near, users must assess the need for renewal based on their ongoing transactions and the required validity for various purposes.

    Contacting the Certifying Authority (CA):

    Users should reach out to the Certifying Authority from which the digital signature certificate (DSC) was initially acquired. The CA is responsible for issuing and overseeing digital certificates in India.

    Submission of Application:

    Users are required to apply for the renewal of the digital signature certificate to the respective CA. Typically, this application can be completed online through the CA’s website or by filling out the designated form.

    Documents and Information Required

    The renewal of a digital signature certificate typically necessitates specific documents and information. These may encompass:

    Renewal Application Form: Users are required to complete the renewal application form provided by the Certifying Authority (CA). The form typically solicits personal details, current certificate particulars, and the rationale for renewal.
    Proof of Identity and Address: Users might be requested to furnish supporting documents as evidence of identity and address, such as a copy of the PAN card, Aadhaar card, passport, or voter ID card.
    Existing Certificate Details: Users must furnish particulars of the existing digital signature certificate, including the certificate number, date of issue, and the issuing CA’s name.
    Payment: Renewing digital signatures incurs a renewal fee. Users are obligated to make the payment in accordance with the fee structure specified by the CA. Typically, payments can be made online through various payment modes.

    Prerequisites for DSC Renewal or Change

    Obtain a DSC USB-token for renewal; if not acquired during initial registration, it must be obtained for the renewal process.
    Apply for renewal using the same name registered in the existing DSC. Any name change during renewal is not allowed and will be treated as a new application for DSC registration.
    Changes to postal address and contact details are permissible.
    Initiate the renewal application at least 7 days before the existing DSC expires.
    To apply for renewal or changes in DSC, install both the existing DSC and the DSC requiring modifications on your PC/machine.

    Steps to Follow for Renewal or Change of an Expired DSC

    If you have neglected to apply for the renewal or change of your DSC before its expiration, follow the details below to apply for the same. The necessary documents for an expired DSC are:

    DSC Change Request cum Authorization Letter

    Download the letter from Google in Word Document format and complete the required details.

    Screenshots of the New DSC

    Open the Internet Explorer browser and navigate to ‘Tools’ in the top right-hand corner.

    Select Internet Options → Content → Certificates → Personal Tab.

    Under the Personal Tab, choose the certificate to view.

    Obtain screenshots of the General Tab, Serial Number, and Authority Key Identifier.

    Print and enclose these documents in an envelope labelled 'Renewal or Change of Digital Signature Certificate for Online PAN Verification.'

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