GST Registration

According to the GST Act, 2017. GST registration is required for individuals and entities involved in the supply of goods or services in India. It becomes mandatory when the total value of goods supplied exceeds Rs. 40 lakhs. However, if the entity operates in a special category state, GST registration is applicable when the value exceeds Rs. 20 lakh per annum..

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    Major Types of GST Registration

    There are several types of GST registrations in India, each catering to specific types of businesses and their respective compliance requirements.

    The major types of GST registrations are as follows:

    Regular GST Registration (Normal Taxpayer):

    This registration is for businesses engaged in regular taxable supplies of goods or services. They are required to file regular GST returns and can claim input tax credit.

    Composition Scheme Registration:

    This registration is available for small businesses with a turnover below a specified threshold (usually up to Rs. 1.5 crores). Businesses under the composition scheme pay a fixed percentage of their turnover as GST and have simpler compliance requirements. They are not eligible for input tax credit.

    Non-Resident Taxable Person Registration:

    Non-resident individuals or entities making taxable supplies in India but do not have a fixed place of business in the country need to register as a non-resident taxable person. They are required to file GST returns and comply with specific regulations.

    TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) and TCS (Tax Collection at Source) Registration:

    Certain specified entities, such as government departments, public sector undertakings, and e-commerce operators, need to register for TDS or TCS to deduct or collect GST at the prescribed rates from the payments made to suppliers.

    Casual Taxable Person Registration:

    Businesses undertaking occasional or seasonal transactions in a state where they do not have a regular place of business are required to register as a casual taxable person. They need to pay GST on their supplies for the specific duration of their business activities.

    Input Service Distributor (ISD) Registration:

    An ISD registration is applicable to businesses that receive invoices for input services and distribute the input tax credit to their branches or units. ISDs do not supply goods or services directly to customers.

    E-commerce Operator Registration:

    E-commerce operators that facilitate the supply of goods or services through their online platforms need to register as an e-commerce operator. They are responsible for collecting and remitting GST on behalf of the suppliers.

    Who are required to register for GST?

    All e-commerce operators.

    Individuals who engage in the inter-state supply of taxable goods and services.

    Individuals who are liable to pay taxes under the reverse charge mechanism.

    Businesses engaged in interstate trade.

    Businesses with income exceeding the threshold limit of 20 and 40 Lakh annually.

    Entities involved in trading, as well as import and export services.

    Documents Required for GST Registration.

    PAN Card

    Aadhaar Card

    Proof of Address: electricity bill, showing the address of the business or individual and rent agreement if the property is not owned. Rent agreement must have attached the IDs of landlord as a source of verification.


    Business Registration Document: Depending on the type of business, relevant registration documents may include:

    • For Partnership: Partnership deed.
    • For Company: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and Board Resolution or letter of authorization.
    • For LLP (Limited Liability Partnership): Certificate of Incorporation and LLP Agreement.
    • For Society/Trust: Registration certificate and related trust deed or society deed.
    • Digital Signature: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required for every person holding DIN/DPIN Number.

    What is the Procedure for GST Registration

    The procedure for GST registration is completely online and it can be done after registering on GST portal at There are manytypes of GST Registrations for multiple type of business entities.
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